The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and The Construction and Logistics Cyclist Safety Scheme (CLOCS) are nationwide vehicle safety specifications. FORS is generally aimed at the freight sector but does also apply to vans and other vehicles. CLOCS is more targeted at the construction sector but again covers many vehicle types.

At FORS bronze level there are no requirements to fit product but there is a time limit set at which operators should progress to FORS silver level.

CLOCS and FORS are aligned at FORS silver level, where safety equipment becomes mandatory, so the requirements are the same whichever specification you are looking at. However FORS Gold has additional requirements.

Up until a few years ago, there were ten different vehicle specifications with varying requirements and confusion in the industry was apparent. Today CLOCS and FORS are the main specifications for road going vehicles although there are a few exceptions including the Skanska vehicle safety specification and the High Speed Two (HS2) vehicle standards. Despite this, it can be a minefield for operators to work out exactly what is required.

Fortunately at Brigade, we can offer expert advice and FORS approved equipment to help you to become compliant with all specifications.

FORS / CLOCS Guidance

“Fleet operators shall ensure that all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight have front, side and rear blind spots eliminated or minimised as far as is practical / possible, through a combination of active and operational direct and indirect vision aids and driver audible alerts.”

“Audible warning devices should be fitted with a manual on/off switch or reset button for circumstances, such as working at night, where it may be appropriate for the device to be deactivated.”

“Fleet operators shall have in place a documented assessment that demonstrates measures taken to reduce noise pollution during driving and parking, which is relevant to the vehicle type, load and sector.”

Brigade’s FORS Silver Approved Products and CLOCS

For vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (CLOCS and FORS Silver)

Compliant Products


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