Brigade Direct Vision Kit for Articulated Vehicles (DVS-CS-01 - 6078)

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This supply only kit includes:

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Kit Contains:

3 years parts warranty

VBV-770M Select Range 7" Digital LCD Monitor

VBV-300C Select side view camera, flush mounted eyeball camera (Mirror view PAL)

CS-3100 Cornerscan side sensor system with mute function

TS-001ECU Turn indicator trigger for system activation

LS-60-A Low speed trigger module, enables sensors below a designated speed

SS-BC08 External side turn speaking warning alarm - 90dB

"The device should have a manual on/off switch for use between the hours of 11:30pm – 7am"

Recommended additional item

TCO-47-01 Latched cut-out switch for speaking alarm. Dash mounted switch with allows you to silence the alarm (4752)

VBV-700C Backeye rear view camera PAL (1379C)


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