Let TNK Engineering help your horse travel safely

360 Backeye, Horsebox -

Let TNK Engineering help your horse travel safely

Would you like to manoeuvre your horsebox giving you a full 360° view eliminating the risk of damage?

Would you like the comfort of being able to see what your horse is doing while you are on the move? 

TNK Engineering can offer this peace of mind. We have a camera system which allows you to see a full 360° view of your horse box at low speed. The view on the dash mounted monitor will then switch to a camera fitted inside your lorry so you are able to see your horse in transit resulting in happy horses and driver. 

Check out our Backeye 360° Collection for more information

If your horsebox is over 12 tonnes and goes within Greater London you may need to be DVS compliant. take a look at our DVS article to see whether this may apply to you.